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Our Story

Our vision is to bring the beauty of sustainably grown flowers to the homes of the community, while leaving the soil better than we found it.

Hi, I'm Kayla !

I'm the owner of La Flor Farms. I have a passion for gardening (especially dahlias!) and I want to share my blooms and the joy flowers bring with the local Kalamazoo community. 

We are a family-owned farm in the early stages of growing and selling cuttings and tubers. The farm is located on 5 acres of land in Richland, MI, where
we can devote plenty of space to annuals and perennials. 

We have created a no-till garden using compost and mulch in order to promote healthy, natural plant growth. At the farm, we avoid the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We utilize organic fertilizers and landscape fabric for weed prevention as well as other organic methods of farming. This ensures the environment is well taken care of, but just as important, the flowers that arrive into the hands of the customer are also free of pesticides 

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